Lara in Paris: modelling, studies & first shootings – Champs-Élysées to Eiffel Tower

Lara – Our young newcomer model from Berlin is in the starting blocks. Lara can’t wait to finally take off internationally and conquer the modeling world of Paris, London and New York. However, at the age of 18, she is waiting another year to graduate from high school. In her weeks off from school she travelled to Paris, had test shoots and got her first taste of modeling on the Champs-Élysées. What Lara has to tell about her experiences in Paris and how she plans her way as a model internationally you can read here.

Interview: Discover Paris as a Model

Question: You were just in Paris for the first time for your modeling career, how was this experience for you?

Lara: The experience in Paris was indescribable. I was warmly welcomed, had a lot of shoots where I learned a lot more and I also met great people! I was in an apartment with another girl with whom I got along very well. We are still in contact and I am really happy to have met her!

Modeling in Paris

Question: What is the most exciting thing about modeling in Paris for you?

Lara: Every evening I got a schedule by email for the next day, where all the important information about the next shooting was on it. I found it super exciting to get to know so many different photographers, who were all totally different in their style and exactly this individuality and range of possibilities fascinated me. Every time I was excited about the upcoming shoot.

Question: Would you go back to Paris to model and live there longer?

Lara: I love the French language and France. It has always been my dream to live there after graduating from high school! If I didn’t have a shooting day during my stay in Paris, I got up early and walked all over the city until late and I never got bored. So yeah! I could definitely imagine living there in a year and then continuing with modeling, because I also really enjoy it!

Question: What are your goals and ideas for your modeling career?

Lara: I always think step by step in life. As long as I’m still in school (one more year) I can’t put all my energy into modeling. Nevertheless, I think it would be cool to keep on doing it on the side. After graduating from high school, I dream of spending a few months seeing all the different places in the world, focusing on modeling and working hard to be a successful model. For example, going to Milan and doing a lot of castings there. When I start studying (hopefully in Paris), I want to continue modeling on the side and make the most of the semester breaks, just like I do now during school.

Photos from Paris: First shootings